Princess Miki - THE GOON MACHINE
Princess Miki - THE GOON MACHINE

Princess Miki - THE GOON MACHINE

By Princess Miki Aoki

** NOTE FROM MIKI: Headphones are a MUST (for listening to the preview as well) if you want a proper mindfuck out of this file. I suggest turning off the lights while youíre at it, as a dark room will definitely up the potency of this clip.
This is more reminiscent of a PMV than My other mindfuck clips, heavily utilizing the beat of the music to intensify the experience, with layers and layers of voice tracks and moaning. To add to the mindfuckery, Iíve sprinkled in a bit of spoken and written Japanese into this clip. It pairs well with the ahegao debut, wouldnít you say?
I know you perverts will eat this up, so buckle up and get ready for a long night with Me. Youíll permanently be Mine after a loop or two (and yes, looping this is highly encouraged). **
Welcome to the Goon Machine, pervert. Iím going to weaponize all of your perverted tendencies, and by the end of this (whenever that will be), youíll be a twisted, brainless, zombified mess of a man.
I pride Myself in seamlessly transforming useless, pornosexual, perverted gooners like you into obedient little drones. I know youíll jerk off to anything, so youíll have no problem jerking off to a clip thatís designed for destroying that stupid little brain of yours. Nothing is off limits for you.
Youíll willingly enter the goon machine and stay in it, forgoing orgasms for the luxury of spending hours riding that edge for Me. You love gooning for Me, even though the price you pay is your own identity.
You donít mind, because the bulk of it has been erased already. Gooning is already your sex life. Letís just solidify that fact one more timeÖ
Published Nov 17, 2020
Mesmerize, Mind Fuck

Princess Miki - THE GOON MACHINE

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