Young Goddess Kim - Hostile Takeover
Young Goddess Kim - Hostile Takeover

Young Goddess Kim - Hostile Takeover

The tables have turned, and since leaving the board on their knees with their cum on the floor, I have been tracking their online activity. They have just returned from their lunch hour of jerking off watching My clips. It's time I give them another visit, and this time I intend to take things further.
your company, assets and power, will simply fall into My hands. Any resistance is futile, as when I enter your office, you are simply too weak to overcome My power. I have all three of you executives stripped out of your suits and knelt naked at My nylon legs and red stilettos. I order your partner to take My PVC coat and crawl with it to the corner where he will lick off the rain drops and polish it dry. Then, I get you and your other colleague down at My feet jerking your dicks as I command. I order you both to suck My heels as a contest to see who is the most pathetic and desperate. How embarrassing for you and amusing for Me!
Now that I have you stripped of your egos, crawling in horny humiliation - you will all kneel at My feet as I explain your new roles in My acquired company. I am so far superior, I have your full co-operation and you will carry out all My wishes and orders by the snap of My finger. I am the boss around here now and you are all mere grovelling slaves. I have specific roles for each of you, and a new slave tax to add to your paychecks. Now stroke your dicks on your knees where you belong, slaves!
Price: $15.99 USD
Added: 3/17/18

Young Goddess Kim - Hostile Takeover


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