Goddess Madam Violet - Complete in your Surrender
Goddess Madam Violet - Complete in your Surrender

Goddess Madam Violet - Complete in your Surrender

You are a lover of fine tr4nce, a connoisseur of the dark arts of hypnotik magik. I love slaves like you. I love the fact your hedonistic desire has nothing to do with your cock. The reason you just canít stop surrendering yourself to Me is because of whatís between your ears, not your legs; your pussy-mind is a horny slut that just neeeeeds to be fucked deep and hard.Your pulsing quivering pussy-mind is what Iím focussing on. It spreads so wide OPEN for Me, so obediently. I love to softly finger it life with My words, slip deep inside itís soft pink folds, to see you shiver, to watch you MELT as I FILL you UP. I talk directly to your PUSSY-mind bypassing your conscious mind, you need the thrill of the DROP, you need the rush of the SLIDE, you need to be fucked by Me donít you, sweet pussy-mind of Mine. I tell it to DROP ten times DEEPER and it does, 100 times deeper and it doesÖUntil finally you are at My feet; safe, snug, surrendered. Mistress and her beloved pet, it is HERE you can finally rest. Surrendered in tr4nce at My feet you are complete. Suspended in the BLISS of My control. I leave you with a powerful post hipn0tic trigger to remind of where you crave to be and then I count you down into eye closure and tell you to wake when you are readyÖ

Added: 2/7/18
Price: $36.99 USD

Goddess Madam Violet - Complete in your Surrender


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