Chloe James - Chloe Going On About How She Hates Fat People
Chloe James - Chloe Going On About How She Hates Fat People

Chloe James - Chloe Going On About How She Hates Fat People

You know, I donít even fucking like looking at you! Youíre so fucking fat! Seriously! How did you become that disgusting? I mean, what do you eat every single day? Fucking lard, lard and more lard? Just like you are a lard fucking fat ass? I donít understand how you can be that fucking obese! Seriously! I mean, you know, I can understand about some people, they like to eat junk food once and awhile and they might be a little soft around the edges, but not like a fucking Goodyear Blimp! Thatís how big you are and how disgusting you are! Iím sure that people mistake you for like a cartoon character or something that canít be real because youíre so fat! It canít be real right? That has to be fake, that has to be fake, right? Youíre in a body suit, come on now! Youíre so fat, it has to be fake! No? Youíre just that fat. Did I tell you how much I hate fat asses like you? I hate them! Theyíre disgusting, they donít belong in this world! No! All you guys do is, you take up room, way to much room. I mean seriously, you should have gotten a hint to maybe lose weight when, hm, maybe you canít fly on planes anymore? You take up the whole aisle! Yeah, I know, you have to buy three tickets just to fly. No, not one, like normal people, no! Three tickets because youíre so fat! They have a weight limit now. Why? Because of people like you! Your fat ass ruined it for everyone else. Yeah, and you donít get to have fun at the amusement parks because they are afraid that if you go on a roller coaster, youíll break it and youíll kill everyone else there! Yeah! Um, has it already happen to you? If it has, then, you should go to prison because youíre so fat! Um, yeah, they should just lock you up. Keep you in a little cell and keep feeding you, maybe then actually you would lose some weight! Thatís what they should do! I have a solution for all the fat asses in this world! Letís just lockíem all up! Ha ha ha, then we can control what they eat, and then, finally, when they get under, like a certain weight, then we might let them back out to the world. Might! Ha ha ha! Thatís where you belong! In the fat ass fucking prison for all you fat asses! Because why? No one likes you, especially me! I fucking hate fat asses like you! Piss off, fat ass!

Chloe James - Chloe Going On About How She Hates Fat People


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