Lady Mesmeratrix - HELL.S.D.
Lady Mesmeratrix - HELL.S.D.

Lady Mesmeratrix - HELL.S.D.

A sexy pink-haired pusher gives you a weird LSD pill, telling you it's a modern version of the popular drug. After you took it, you get involved into the craziest trip ever. The pink-haired pusher seems to become an hipnotist, holding a blue pendant in her hand, she leads you into this amazing hallucination. You don't know if she's real or not, you don't know who you are and where you are. Until something changes, you see a big fire and the Devil in person in front of you. YOU ARE IN HELL. She's a sexy girl , she takes you deeper into this trance, with her red hair and sexy outfit. You are totally confused when the pink pusher comes again, showing her boobs, telling you to kiss and suck her nipples. She looks like a sexy stripper and the trip seems to become so erotic, but also so confusing when the pusher becomes double...your eyes are closing down when something changes again. A new hipnotic pendant, swung by a new purple-haired girl. She must be a real hipnotist, she knows how to put you in a deeper trance, again. You start thinking they are all the same girl, when a shiny spiral blinds you, with the word "OBEY" in the background. You can see the three girls togheter, swinging three pendants, and repetaing to obey them. Now you know you can't save yourself from this. You can't go out of this trip. The trip is definitely gone bad, burning your neurons, making you brain injured forever. The sexy girls totally fuck your mind, you're stuck in hell with them. Forever.

Added: 3/24/18
Price: $39.99 USD

Lady Mesmeratrix - HELL.S.D.


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