Goddess Madam Violet - Like a Virgin
Goddess Madam Violet - Like a Virgin

Goddess Madam Violet - Like a Virgin

Most of us wish we could re-do our first time, to get it right, to do it better, to have a more enjoyable fulfilling experience. I cannot do anything about the first time you had sex, but I can re-make your hipno-hymen. This trance session goes back to the beginning, back to basics. You want a pure, hip notic experience, you want to delight in the simple and limitless pleasures of mindless trance? This is the session for you. Whether you are a true hipno-virgin, or whether you have great and varied experience, this session will deliver what you all seek; complete mental domination, intense mind seduction, that wonderful weightless body feeling, wrapped up safe in liquid pleasure - pure trance.For all first times to be enjoyable you must forget your expectations, your past experiences, your doubts or worries and come lay with Me, Im going to show you how to do it right. Do as I say, no more, no less, follow MY lead, and I will give you an experience you will never forget.Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is the most failsafe way of inducing trance, it may not be as showy as rapid inductions, BUT, it actually WORKS. You will enter a trance state. If youre feeling stressed or worried or simply wish to escape for a while, listening will elicit the relaxation response, a physical state of deep rest that changes your physical and emotional responses to stress. Basically you will feel BETTER! More relaxed, more submissive, more aroused, more positive, all the GOOD things.Of course, you will also progressively feel the need to bathe in the power of My seductive words again, and again, you will find Me in your thoughts again and again, youll slowly begin to develop a very strong desire for Me, a craving for the wonderful, relaxed pleasure you know only I can give you. Cmon now, it would be criminal not to implant some post-trance triggers whilst you are so very suggestible : )

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