Danni King - Dunked By a Brat
Danni King - Dunked By a Brat

Danni King - Dunked By a Brat

I have a confession to make. I've been pretending to be your girlfriend because my friend and I had a bet. She made me a bet me that I couldn't make you popular like us. Turns out I couldn't. You really are too much of a fucking loser and everyone knows it! I'm so fucking annoyed you made me lose my bet loser which is why I've dragged you here into the CruelGirlfriend Dreamhouse bathroom - the girls bathroom! I'm going to show the whole school what a complete loser reject you are. Aw, are you scared of what I've got planned for you wimp? You should be! You see that toilet? That's where your stupid ugly head is going. I'm going to dunk you into the toilet bowl head first and film every minute! Of course, the video isn't going to just stay hidden away on my phone. Na-ha loser - I'm going to send it to everyone I know. One of my girlfriends is going to hold you down while I put my foot on the back of your head and you right here in the toilet. You can beg all you like loser, it'll just make this more fun for me and way more humiliating and degrading for you. You know how cruel I am, your screams will just spur me on. So, go ahead, beg me to stop, cry for help. No one can hear you. All you'll do is give yourself a big mouthful of toilet water! Listen to me laugh and giggle as you gasp and swallow toilet water under my spiked heels.

Danni King - Dunked By a Brat


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