Bella Mendez - Emergency Sissy Maid
Bella Mendez - Emergency Sissy Maid

Bella Mendez - Emergency Sissy Maid

So, a few of my girlfriends from out of town are visiting this week and are staying at the hotel down town. It's a really nice hotel but I was talking to Lexi and she said the hotel's maid is doing a bad job cleaning up their rooms. I know my girlfriends can be pretty messy sometimes, but they deserve to have good maid service when they're in town don't you think? I knew you'd agree which is why I told them you'd head right on over and take up the maid duties until they head back home next week. So, the first thing we need to do is to get you all dressed up in your pretty French maid's uniform. Yes sissy - if you're going to be doing maid's work you're going to look like a maid. I want you to wear your sissy maid uniform with the black and white satin, the little apron and the lace trim. You'll wear seamed stockings, high heels and a cute little maid's cap on top of your long blonde curly wig. I want you to look like a sexy little maid as you wiggle through town to the hotel. Oh yes sissy! I'm way too busy to be driving you all that way - you'll wobble on those heels all the way to the hotel, feeling the stares of everyone you pass. You'll be so embarrassed clicking your way through the hotel lobby and into the elevator - all the guests giggling and laughing at you as you make your way to room number 9230. You'll knock on Lexi's door and wait for her to let you in so you can clean up after her. You'll be the perfect little maid, scrubbing, washing, cleaning and folding before you head to all my other girlfriend’s rooms. When you're done you can take another humiliating walk home.

Bella Mendez - Emergency Sissy Maid


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