Lady Fyre - Get Lost In My Shiny Shimmering Green - Addiction Hyp n0 s!s
Lady Fyre - Get Lost In My Shiny Shimmering Green - Addiction Hyp n0 s!s

Lady Fyre - Get Lost In My Shiny Shimmering Green - Addiction Hyp n0 s!s

You know you want to submit to me. Just seeing this beautiful shiny green against my pale skin and my red hair drives you crazy. And I know youíve been hyp n0 t!zed by me before so it will be so easy for you to go under for me. I want you to stare at my shiny tits. Shiny tits make you so weak. Youíre already starting to drool over my shiny material. Feeling yourself becoming so weak for me. Feeling yourself being drawn to me. You canít look away. You have to stare because shiny makes you weak.
Just stare and get completely lost in the shimmer and shine of the beautiful color. Itís ok, go ahead, let yourself go pet. Be weak for me, open your mind to me and let me in. You know how good it feels to submit to me, to be weak for me and my shiny dress. Feel yourself being pulled under, deeper and deeper as you stare at the material on my dress.
Deeper and weaker until all you can hear is my voice and all you can see is shiny. Alluring and reflective, reflecting the light yet drawing you in. So beautiful, so sexy. Stare and feel yourself being hyp n0 t!zed by the way my body moves, hyp n0 t!zed by the shimmer and the sheen. Feel how good it feels to be so weak for me. Let yourself go, my pet, as I draw you in, deeper and deeper.
Youíre so weak for my shiny, shimmering green. It feels so good to mindlessly stare at the patterns of light as they dance around my body. You feel so much better just letting go. Worship me. Worship my my shiny body. Shiny makes you weak. You canít resist Lady Fyre in shiny green. Feel your mind being pulled towards me, itís ok, just let it go. You will be weaker for shiny now more than ever before. More weak because of this trance. Because the more you submit to shiny and the longer you stare, the weaker you are for it. The more you have to submit to it. And when you awaken, you will be more of an addict than ever before for shiny women in shiny things.

Added: 4/6/18

Lady Fyre - Get Lost In My Shiny Shimmering Green - Addiction Hyp n0 s!s


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