Princess Chanel & Princess Kianna - Our Favorite Kinds Of Slaves
Princess Chanel & Princess Kianna - Our Favorite Kinds Of Slaves

Princess Chanel & Princess Kianna - Our Favorite Kinds Of Slaves

But that's just not your life is it cucky? Your life is to be spent watching your goddesses from that inescapable prison while we torment you. We'll tease you with our perfect bodies and our gorgeous looks. Teasing you every day with the thought of what you'll NEVER have. You'll watch us walk by your cage in our sexiest lingerie, drooling as we paint our lips and do our makeup. You'll feel the pain of frustration as we pick out cute dresses to wear. The agony of jealousy as we sit back and call our REAL MEN, flirting and giggling down the phone right in front of you. What can you do about it cuckold? NOTHING. You'll just watch our perfect asses walk out of the door and you'll wait for us to come back with our men. Usually you'd suffer the humiliation of listening to us fucking right on top of your cage but tonight is going to be different and much, much worse for you! To make sure you never forget your status of an emasculated cuckold wimp - caged for our amusement - you're going to cuckyhump a pillow for us. You can hump your pillow for us and our stud's entertainment before they show you how a REAL man fucks. Oh, poor cuckold - teased and humiliated by the girls of your dreams - humping your pillow for a consolation-cummy while another guys get everything you want right in front of you! This is a full VR experience - Danni and Becky torment the fuck out of you while you watch helplessly from your cage at the Cruelgirlfriend Dreamhouse!

Princess Chanel & Princess Kianna - Our Favorite Kinds Of Slaves


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