Miss Honey Barefeet - You Canít Take Your Eyes Off Of My Feet Even As I Dump You
Miss Honey Barefeet - You Canít Take Your Eyes Off Of My Feet Even As I Dump You

Miss Honey Barefeet - You Canít Take Your Eyes Off Of My Feet Even As I Dump You

I know youíre so excited to get this video reply from me. I got your email and I decided to record a video to tell you why we canít be together and why we canít even be friends. You and I would never work, I will never be with you. I mean just look at yourself, youíre a foot freak, youíre staring at my feet while Iím trying to talk to you. Iím trying to tell you some important things and you canít take your eyes off of my feet. You canít even process what Iím telling you because youíre so fixated on my feet.In the beginning it was fun to hang out with a guy with a foot fetish. I was curious to see what it was all about. But to be honest, I donít like it. I donít want you to jerk off on my feet. And even as Iím talking to you now youíre staring at my arches, my wrinkles, my soles and my toes and thatís a problem. I donít want to deal with a freak with a foot fetish. So it was just an experiment and Iím done with it.Also, your dick is too small and we both know it. You could never satisfy anyone with that little penis. Iím honestly so embarrassed that I ever touched that tiny little thing of yours. I want to forget about your worthless penis. Why did I ever agree to this? Do you realize how embarrassing it is for me to be in a relationship with you? Youíre a little dick foot freak loser. I know youíre even jerking off right now, youíre getting off to me putting you down. You fucking love it!I canít deal with a guy who loves to be humiliated. I donít need a tiny dick loser in my life. You are so fucking pathetic! Look at my feet loser, look how much they excite you. Arenít you embarrassed that youíre jerking off to this? Itís fucking sad. Do you think a girl like me with perfect feet deserves a loser like you and your tiny little dick? Iím way too good for you, you fucking loser!But I do love taking advantage of you. Do you realize how stupid you are? You thought what we had was real! LOL! You fucking moron! You must have known that someone like me was never going to be with someone like you. Oh and you suck in bed, lol! I canít believe I ever let you touch me! Youíre disgusting. Your foot fetish doesnít turn me on, itís gross. I hate it, you fucking loser! I know youíre jerking off so hard right now, I know you freak. So Iím breaking up with you, you stupid fucked up freak. Iím embarrassed I had a relationship with you. I canít believe I dated a little dick loser with a foot fetish. Ugh, gross.You might think that this is cruel and heartless but you know what? I donít give a fuck! Iím sure youíll be watching this video over and over again because itís the last thing youíll ever get from me, the last time youíll ever see me or my perfect feet.

Added: 1/2/18

Miss Honey Barefeet - You Canít Take Your Eyes Off Of My Feet Even As I Dump You


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