The Choice
Madam Violet - The Choice

The Choice

As you hear My fingers slide in and out of My wetness, you will gladly give Me your soul for just one tasteMy slave, youve served Me well, and I know all this time there has been one thing that youve craved, dreamt about, more than anything. My soft, sweet pussy. The mere thought of worshipping My pussy with your mouth makes you cum in your pants. Sooo, Im going to give you a choice; freedom from Me - theres still time to escape. OR one TASTE of My perfect JUICY, wet PUSSY through these red pants and I will take your SOUL. You will belong to Me, ALL of you for ALL eternity, all for one taste. Its a simple choice. Freedom or My Pussy.Using a multitude of techniques including countdown and confusion I put you to sleep, deep in trance. I order you to stroke, and slide which you do. MMmmmmm, you can almost smell the sweet, musky perfume, your cock TWITCHES, your mouth salivates in anticipation, so CLOSE to My perfect Pussy. As you watch Me masturbate, pleasure My pussy you realise there is NO CHOICE really, is there slave. Freedom is overrated , and you simply must TASTE ME, you must lap and suck and nibble, kneeling between My thighs, eyes rolled back in your head with ECSTASY and you watch My fingers SLIDE in and OUT of My wet pussy under My red knickers, the thinnest of fabrics between you and I. And youre going to give Me EVERYTHING, forever and you dont care, youd give it ALL up, just for one sweet taste! You can HEAR how WET I am, how much fucking with your mind turns Me onas I stroke My pussy, you can see My WETNESS spreading, your cock is SO HARD its almost purple. By the time I allow you to cum you will be on the brink of fucking exploding and a total mental breakdown. And when you cum, your soul, your everything, is MINE. Lucky slave.Contains: Hip no sis, confusion, countdown, layered tracks, finger snaps, imbedded commands, triggers, binaural music, tease and denial, brainwashing, pussy worship, pov, masturbation, total entrapment of the soul.

The Choice

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