The Art of the Hands Free Orgasm 2 (MP3)
Madam Violet - The Art of the Hands Free Orgasm 2 (MP3)

The Art of the Hands Free Orgasm 2 (MP3)

The second lesson continues your journey into the Art of the Hands Free Orgasm. A really deep and thorough induction so pleasurably relaxing and seductiveI want you to feel safe and soothe din order to cum the body needs to be RELAXED and AROUSED, and I intend to make sure this happens your mind is the largest sex organ, your mind controls your cock and I control your mind With minimal stroking, this lesson is slightly harder (ha!) than the last.but as I stroke your cock with My words you are hard in no time using pacing and leading, double binds, subliminal hypnotic suggestions I prime your mind to cum hands free, its so easy to do, so natural and as all this pleasure builds it has to go somewhere.and thats out the end of your cock. Using finger snaps and the hypn0t!c trigger of so hard for Me I amplify that pleasure more and more instructing you to breathe in a deep sexual energy as you push it down into your belly, into your cockswelling, surgingbuilding and building taking you right to the edge and then pushing you triggering you into orgasm with LOTS of finger snaps and orders to cum for Me over and over more and more.intense, deep, incessant and so very effective.
Contains: Long induction, deepeners, triggers, suggestions, NLP, finger snaps, no music, no effects, simply My STUNNING naked voice
39 minutes
Price: $39.99 USD


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