Bratty Ashley Sinclair - I Married You For Your Money, Duh
Bratty Ashley Sinclair - I Married You For Your Money, Duh

Bratty Ashley Sinclair - I Married You For Your Money, Duh

Good morning, did you have fun last night? I hope you did because that is the first and last time you will ever have sex with me. You will never have sex with me ever again. I made you fall head over heels in love with me. That was my plan. I wanted to make it so that you would do anything for me. Thatís why I married you, duh! I married you because youíre rich and youíll do anything I want because youíre so madly in love with me. My life will be great being married to you. Iím going to spend all of your money and do whatever I want.
Last night was just for fun, to suck you in deeper into my web. But youíre not going to be getting any more of that. No way. I didnít marry you because I wanted to have sex with you and have a happy marriage, lol. No, I want to live my life with your money, thatís it, lol! And since Iím not going to be having sex with you, Iím definitely going to be having sex with other guys. Whoever I want. Guys who are better looking than you and have bigger cocks than you.
And youíre gonna pay for it. Youíre gonna pay for the outfits I wear and the dates I go on, and the lingerie Iím going to wear when I fuck other guys and thereís not a thing you can do about it. And I know you wonít stop me, youíd never do that, you are so madly in love with me and you want me to be happy. And whatís going to make me happy is to spend all of your money and fuck whoever I want.
Iím sure you woke up this morning so happy after having had sex with your new wife. You probably looked over at me, your new bride, and felt so overjoyed. And you thought life is so great. Well life is great, for me, LOL! But you can tell people Iím your wife, itíll make you look really good. But you and I both know that the only reason I married you is for your money. And now that weíre married thereís nothing you can do to keep me from your money. Itís mine now. And if youíre lucky I might even bring guys home and you might even get to listen LOL! Listening to your new beautiful wife getting laid is the closest youíre going to come to having sex ever again. I know you woke up all happy, but you should have seen this coming. Weíre going to have a great life together hubby.

Added: 5/7/18

Bratty Ashley Sinclair - I Married You For Your Money, Duh


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