I'll Drain You, Ignore You, And Forget Your Name
Princess Amai Liu - I'll Drain You, Ignore You, And Forget Your Name

I'll Drain You, Ignore You, And Forget Your Name

Hello my delusional little oinker. Do you know what I find funny? Itís that little oinkers like you think that theyíre special. The reality is, I love oinkers like you who spoil me, and then when Iím done completely draining you, I never talk to you again. Youíre not special, do you know how many pigs like you there are? Youíre nothing but a number. There are soooo many idiots out there who love to spoil me and I donít even remember any of their names, I certainly donít remember yours.
Youíre not special, remember that when I drain you dry and never talk to you again. Your only purpose is to spoil me. And once Iíve taken so much that you canít afford to pay me any more, youíre no longer of any use. So why would I continue talking to you? I wouldnít! And you know thatís what you deserve. You deserve to be ruined and then ignored by me. Youíre fucking pathetic. I donít care about you, I donít want to know you, and I donít even care what your name is. Your name is, stupid pig Iím going to ruin and ignore, lol.
I will only talk to you for as long as you pay me, and once that is done, Iíll block your email, your skype, your phone number. LOL, youíll never talk to me again. Once Iíve drained your bank account, no more Amai time, I really donít give a fuck about you. There are so many other pigs out there I need to drain, so Iíll focus on others once youíre broke. Youíve served your purpose. I canít afford to talk to broke losers, I donít care and I donít have time.
So if you want me attention, you better keep paying piggy. And when youíre broke you can cry and wank off to how hot it was having me destroy you, and Iíll still have all the stuff you bought me, Iíll still have your cash in my bank account, and youíll have nothing but the thought of me ruining you. And I wonít even remember what you bought me or who you are because there are so fucking many of you. There will be some heels in my closet that I almost never wear that Iíll know some idiot that I blocked bought me, lol. I wonít even know your name! LOL! I wonít even think about you and youíll be obsessing over me.
Youíre just a pathetic pay pig, a human atm, a cash machine, a wallet. Youíre not special. The second your wallet is empty is the second that you get ignored. I donít give a fuck about you. Youíre just an insignificant cash machine.
Added: 11/8/17

I'll Drain You, Ignore You, And Forget Your Name


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