Bratty Jamie - Locktober
Bratty Jamie - Locktober

Bratty Jamie - Locktober

Request: "Surviving Locktober" Hello there my little leg zombie! Do you like how my legs look in these ultra sheer black pantyhose? You can see every line and curve of my legs and I'm also wearing these attention grabbing high heels... Don't they make you melt for me? Now, before we proceed, I'm assuming you are locked properly in a chastity device... It might start to feel a little tight right about now, doesn't it? Don't worry, this clip is going to give you the relief you desire, the relief you deserve for being such a good boy! Perhaps you just successfully completed a round of my #chastity4weightloss series - good for you! You are on your way to becoming such a good obedient slave for my legs! Watch me cross and recross... Feel your mind get just a little bit mushy... Focus on my legs and listen to what Bratty Jamie is telling you! Everything I say is becoming your utmost desire. My legs have cast a spell on you, and you crave to obey my commands! Now, let's get You some relief from that chastity. No, you're not allowed to take it off. It's "LOCKTOBER" silly! In fact, as you focus on my legs, a sense of relaxation comes over you. You crave to be in chastity all month! Here are some tips to survive the month: 1. Watch my clips and fall into peaceful calm for my legs. 2. Are there dirty dishes in the sink? Take care of them! 3. Dirty Toilet? Clean it. 4. Oh, and if you just completed a weight loss challenge, add 10lbs to lose this month!
Price: $10.99 USD
Added: 10/2/17

Bratty Jamie - Locktober


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