Mindless Foot And Heel Zombie, Jerk And Let Your Mind Go Blank
Miss Tiffany - Mindless Foot And Heel Zombie, Jerk And Let Your Mind Go Blank

Mindless Foot And Heel Zombie, Jerk And Let Your Mind Go Blank

You already know that every time you see me showing off my heels, youíre fucked. Just like that, you become my little foot zombie, addicted to my sexy heels and my perfect little feet. You canít get enough of them. Itís so pathetic. And yet there you are, with your cock in your hand, jerking off to my feet. Youíre jerking off to my sexy heels, something youíve seen countless times, yet youíre such a little fucking zombie for them, your mind goes completely blank, and you just canít stop mindlessly jerking. And when you get horny you feel this need to pay them again and again.
Itís so fucking easy getting into your mind with my sexy heels. I know how much my sexy pumps turn you on. Youíre so weak for my feet, a mindless fucking zombie. You want to worship them so bad. You canít look away. The thought of being in between my the sole of my foot and my high heel is too much for you. I know just the thought made your dick twitch. I control you with my feet so easily. And every time you see them you get weaker and weaker. I want you to beg me how to take my heels off because I know just how badly you want to see my bare feet. How badly you want to be underneath them. So beg like the needy little foot bitch that you are. Good boy.
My feet are just so fucking perfect. They own you. Being underneath my feet occupies your thoughts more than it should. My feet are flawless, thatís why you canít help yourself. Get down your knees and worship my feet you little zombie. Youíre so fixated on my feet and my toes, they completely own you. I know youíre getting weaker and weaker. Thatís what happens to horny foot losers. Youíre nothing but a mindless zombie for my feet, so eager to be under my feet. My feet are the best thing to ever have happened to you. You need them. You crave them. My feet will remain imprinted on your mind, forever. Itís impossible to erase such perfection.
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Added: 9/22/17

Mindless Foot And Heel Zombie, Jerk And Let Your Mind Go Blank


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