Life Changing Sissy Self Acceptance Hyp n0 Therapy - Feminized And Emasculated
Miss Kelle Martina - Life Changing Sissy Self Acceptance Hyp n0 Therapy - Feminized And Emasculated

Life Changing Sissy Self Acceptance Hyp n0 Therapy - Feminized And Emasculated

Hello there little sissy? Oh you think youíre not a sissy? Well you sure look like a little sissy to me. I think that all you need to do is to relax and listen to my words. After all, youíre here because you need a life changing wake up call. You need to see a hyp n0 therapist to help you realign those inner parts of you, to help you rediscover yourself. So take a deep breath as I help you relax and fall deep under hyp n0 s!s with a long, calming induction. You donít have to do anything but listen and relax.
You are here because youíre struggling with your inner self. All your life youíve been told to be manly, masculine. But thatís not really you. Youíre much more feminine, weak, helpless. Youíre a sissy. A sissy is not a man nor a woman. Women deserve to be worshiped, and a man is strong, a protector. Youíre neither of those. You are a sissy in between worlds. You are weak and very, very submissive. You need to be humiliated every single day. You need to be dressed like a woman, every single day. I know you can be a very good little sissy and soon Iíll have you sucking cock.
Youíre going to be all dressed up with your little clitty all locked up. Itís no longer a cock, itís now a clitty. And sissy clitties never get to fuck. Theyíre not big enough. A woman would never want your sissy clitty inside of her. You can only touch yourself in your panties when given permission. You need to start focusing on the pleasure you can get from your asshole. Thatís the only way youíre going to be getting sexual pleasure from now on. Youíre going to get fucked in your little fuck hole. Youíre going to bring pleasure to other men. That is your purpose. Youíre going to get all dressed up like the slut that you are and youíre going to take it in your sissy hole.
You are going to be completely feminized, completely emasculated. You are going to be the best sissy you can be and you are going to stop trying to be someone you are not. And you are not a man. You are a weak, submissive, helpless, feminine sissy. Feel that feminine energy just filling you. Itís going to give you a new happiness, a new identity, a new life. You are a submissive, little sissy. Now that you know what you are deep inside, you can feel that you are now a submissive little sissy. You feel a huge weight being lifted off of you. You feel so good, so natural. Youíre going to be so much happier when you stop trying to fit yourself into a mold that clearly isnít you. Good little sissies, serve, obey and submit. Now Iím going to wake you up and youíll know exactly what and who you are now. And you will feel so grateful to me.
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Added: 9/20/17

Life Changing Sissy Self Acceptance Hyp n0 Therapy - Feminized And Emasculated


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