Madam Violet - Mindless for Madam Violet
Madam Violet - Mindless for Madam Violet

Madam Violet - Mindless for Madam Violet

This slave is the 8th Station of Servitude - mindlessness. Using a multitude of techniques I relax your body and soften your mind. Expertly taking you down into deep trance, every aspect of Me is hipn ot ising, and you KNOW how much you LOVE it when you ARE mindless with surrender for Me. I put you DOWN, dropping you into into deep trance and I empty your mind, of all thoughts, I create a hole, a space. I make your mind BLANK as I snap My fingers, so very mindless and hard, pleasure growing all the time. Permitted to stroke and programmed so that each caress empties your brain further. When you ARE in that perfect state of mindlessness, I begin to fill the hole I created with more and more PLEASURE, filling the hole deep inside your mind with ME until it spills out down into your body, down into your hard dick, the pleasure growing uncontrollably. Triggered again and again to go BLANK, as if staring at My amazing tits want enough to EMPTY you mind, you are pumping your COCK of ALL thoughts, sweet MINDLESS surrender. I dictate how fast you stroke, when you stop and start, the PLEASURE that you feel is Mine, I created it, so I CONTROL it. You are nothing but a mindless, obedient slave. “Mindless for Madam Violet’ is the trigger phrase used. Whenever I want you to return to this hard, empty MINDLESS obedient state I simply have SNAP My fingers and say these words, and there you will be. BLANK, empty, ready to be filled with the pleasure of SURRENDER. I build your arousal until it bursts out of your body, counting you down into orgasm, the POWERFUL experience anchoring in all the programming. The words Mindless for Madam Violet swirl around your empty, brain as you CUM for Me slave. Good boy, see how much pleasure you can take when you’re empty, MINDLESS for MadamViolet. Contains: deep trance, imbedded commands, time distortion, deepeners, trigger words, finger snaps, programming, tit worship, masturbation instruction, cum countdown, post hip no tic command and triggers. * It is not necessary to have listened to the Mp3 version - but you really should do.

Madam Violet - Mindless for Madam Violet


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