Charlotte Stokely - Tricked Into Total Humiliation
Charlotte Stokely - Tricked Into Total Humiliation

Charlotte Stokely - Tricked Into Total Humiliation

Well, as we both know... it's been all over the conspiracy news... the giant meteor is expected to hit the earth in a few hours. And since you've been buying all my clips and writing me emails about how you wanna be humiliated as my bitch... I thought it would be fitting that you came to Los Angeles and finally get the total humiliation you deserve.
I really think it would be hilarious if you dressed up in this sissy outfit. I heard that whatever you wearing, is what you'll have to spend eternity wearing. And if there's a chance of that, I definitely want you looking like a sissy faggot!
Oh, and since money no longer matters, I want you to get your sissy Cock nice and hard while you log into all your bank accounts and transfer all of it to me. I mean, they say you can't take it with you but if there's a chance I'm leaving you broke in the afterlife we are gonna have to make sure of that! You do want me to really fuck you over right??? Well, we gotta cover all the bases.
And now for the best part, your gonna pucker up while I put this lipstick on you and suck my strap-on! I'm gonna record it while you thank me for bringing out your repressed faggot tendencies. I know the meteor will destroy the tape but I just wanna record it anyway. Actually let's upload it to your Facebook . I mean no one is gonna see it. And it would give you one last thrill of being exposed and utterly humiliated, right???
Oh, I just heard an hour ago that the meteor has been diverted. Wow you must feel pretty stupid huh?
Price: $10.99 USD
Added: 7/8/17

Charlotte Stokely - Tricked Into Total Humiliation


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