The Good Boy's Gift (Erotic Hypnosis MP3)
Madam Violet - The Good Boy's Gift (Erotic Hypnosis MP3)

The Good Boy's Gift (Erotic Hypnosis MP3)

Sometimes, really good boys get rewarded. This is one of those times. This h1p notic journey and resulting blow job is My gift to you : ) I want nothing from you other than your full attention. Sit back relax and allow Me to slowly pull you down into My Hip no tic Realm for the best threesome of your life.Triggering you deeper down, creating pathways in your mind that get you lost and confused until there are no thoughts, only this profound relaxation and the building, swirling pleasure deep inside. When you're ready I take you there - My realm, a beautiful forest, warming sun, soft grass underfoot, warm breeze on your skin. Reality is perception and this is real, Deeper and deeper you go, sliding down....and then I appear before you, breathtaking.I present My slave girl 612 as I squeeze her large tits. I tell you as you have been such a good boy she will be sucking your cock. As you lie on the floor I stand over you and watch as My slave girl kneels and begins to lick. Slowly at first, encouraged by Me to consume your pre-cum with relish, she wants to please Me so badly, sucking your cock is getting her off. Forcing you to look into My eyes as she takes you all the way in. It is MY cock after all, and she is desperate to suck MY cock so GOOD. I am Watching every second, standing over you, listening to the sounds as My slave devours My hard cock, you are locked into My gaze, your cock is straining and pumping with arousal. you're SO close. But the best pleasure is about to cum as I move My high heels towards your bulging cock and gently stroke you into oblivion.
Contains: deep hipnosis, finger snaps, deepeners, hip no tic suggestion, pleasure triggering, visualisation, blow job, cum countdown, post suggestion.
Price: $39.99 USD
Length: 39 minutes


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