Hot Club Girl Dominates You With Her Pantyhose And Feet
Bratty Ashley Sinclair - Hot Club Girl Dominates You With Her Pantyhose And Feet

Hot Club Girl Dominates You With Her Pantyhose And Feet

Do you like watching me dance around in my sexy pantyhose? I know you love watching my silky legs with my high heels in this short, tight dress. Youíre such a loser for girls in pantyhose. They make you so weak. And I love showing off my legs in these brand new nylons I just bought. Theyíre so sheer and soft, so shiny and sexy, I mean how could you resist? You canít, LOL! You canít fucking resist a girl in stockings. Iíll bet youíd love to touch them, wouldnít you loser? But thatís never gonna happen. You and I both know that if you saw me at a club dancing around in these pantyhose, you wouldnít have the nerve to come and talk to me. Iíll bet youíd be too scared to even buy me a drink. LOL! Loser!Guys like you donít pick up girls like me, you worship me. You worship my legs, and my cute feet in these sexy, sheer pantyhose. Thatís all you get to do is just worship my pantyhose. And youíre such a big loser that Iíll bet youíre even scared to do that. But you can do it right here. Get down on the floor where you belong, beneath my feet and Iíll stick my pantyhose feet right in your face. Yes, you love that. Thatís all youíre worthy of. The only way you will get any of my time or attention is if youíre worshiping my feet and my pantyhose legs. Just look at how soft and shiny they are. Thatís the only way youíre getting close to me you little fucker.My pantyhose feet are the only part of my body Iíd ever even let you near. I might let you rub my feet and if you do a good job and Iím not too grossed out by you, I might even let you suck on my toes. My feet deserve all the attention that you could possibly give them. Iím going to make you my pantyhose foot bitch. You want that, donít you? Of course you do, beg me, beg to be my pantyhose slave.Youíre not a real man, youíre just a pantyhose bitch. Your only purpose in life is to worship my pantyhose. All you get are feet in your face. How does it feel to be such a loser that the only way Iíll talk to you is if Iím putting my feet in your face? Must make you feel like a pretty big loser. But thatís ok because you love feeling like a pantyhose loser for a hot girl who doesnít give a fuck about you. It makes you so fucking hard!

Hot Club Girl Dominates You With Her Pantyhose And Feet


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