Helplessly Bound (Male Version) (Erotic Hypnosis MP3)
Princess Angel - Helplessly Bound (Male Version) (Erotic Hypnosis MP3)

Helplessly Bound (Male Version) (Erotic Hypnosis MP3)

IMPORTANT: There are 2 different versions of this recording. However, they are EXACTLY the same (the script, effects, etc) - there is only one major difference of the two - one is where the subject is a male and the other is a female. Therefore, this recording can be and is meant to be used in 3 different manners.
The male version - is obviously to be used by males that are interested in being bonded into submission and taken advantage of.
The female version - was created to obviously be used by females in the same manner the male version was. But this version can ALSO be used by males wanting to fantasize being a women taken advantage of, it was created in a way in which this is possible to do.
So again there are two versions that are IDENTICAL, except of the subject manner being a female or being a male. For instance when oral is involved in the recording, the male and female version will differ in the fact that the oral will consist of a blow job in the male version and licking a pussy in the female version - obviously.

Description: I take quite a bit of time to make sure you're relaxed and falling into trance. A trance that is going to take you on a sexual journey, a journey of erotic submission. Once you're as down as I get you, you quickly begin to wonder if you can be tranced and before you know it you find yourself in a room.
A dark room where you can only make out shadows of individuals. But it is also a place where you can be who you truly are, submit to what you really want to be, without any judgment.
Before you know it you're getting strapped and bounded by others - your hands and feet. Finding yourself compeltely naked for everyone in the room to see you and feeling very vulnerable, yet there is no escaping, you are helplessly bound.
Then the teasing begins, across your nipples, down to your genitals (pussy or cock depending on the version you choose). Tons of teasing and sexual pleasure pursue - there is vaginal ( for female version) and anal for both versions. There is also oral, spanking, whipping, and some slight verbal abuse towards the end.
By the end you are put in your place, taught your place is as a submissive at the feet of others, even required to kiss & lick your takers boots/heels. Reminded they are in control and not you. Most importantly at the end, you feel sexually used and abused, because you were, but you may find that it fulfilled a fantasy of yours you had for quite some be used as a sexual object.


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