Spitting On You Is So Degrading, And It Makes You So Hard
Kira Star - Spitting On You Is So Degrading, And It Makes You So Hard

Spitting On You Is So Degrading, And It Makes You So Hard

You love me, donít you loser? Youíre so lucky I let you pay to watch a gorgeous woman like me. I know you wish you werenít such a loser, you wish you were filthy rich so you could pay for my full attention. Your pathetic cock gets so hard when you think about being able to be near a Goddess like me. But we both know that would never happen. You canít afford a gorgeous, classy woman like me. And not only that, but youíre a loser and you disgust me. I date real men with money, even they worship the ground I walk on.
Do you know what I do to disgusting losers like you? I spit all over your faces. That is the ultimate in disgust, itís the ultimate Ďfuck youí. It will show how little I really think of you. Itís what you deserve, my spit. Would you love for me to spit all over you face? Would you be honored to wear my spit? Yes, I know you would. So beg me, beg me to spit on you. Iíll even let you stroke your cock while I do, I know how hard this is going to make you. You love being degraded and thereís nothing more degrading that being spit on. I want my spit in your mouth and on your face.
Watch my sexy red lips as the spit strands slowly slip from my lips, down to your face. My mouth is so beautiful isnít it? My spit tastes so sweet to a loser like you. Youíre so lucky that Iím even taking my time to spit on you. Iím going to cover your face with my gorgeous spit. Look at how pretty I look as I spit on you. It makes your dick want to cum. Itís so funny how much I despise you, yet youíre so turned on by it. Now taste my sexy spit loser and thank me.
I know your pathetic cock is ready to explode. The more I spit, the more turned on you get. Youíre such a pathetic loser. Keep watching my sexy lips drip strands of spit all over you. You know Iím going to make you lick up the spit that ran off of your face and on to the floor when Iím done. And thatís how youíre going to cum loser. Youíre going to cum while you lick my spit off of the floor with spit all over your face. Now thank me again loser. Get out of my face you disgusting loser.

Spitting On You Is So Degrading, And It Makes You So Hard


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