The Final Kiss
Devious Queen - The Final Kiss

The Final Kiss

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"While the Black Widow is planning on meeting her next victim in a luxurious hotel after disposing of the former police investigator, a man knocks on your door claiming to be an admirer of yours and knowing of your mysterious past. Curious to learn what he may know the Black Widow invites him in. The man reassures and admits that he had known of her for awhile and had been following her actions for awhile and was obsessed with her elegant face and seductive ways and promises to keep her secrets if to spend only one night with her. Not trusting that he would and as the Black Widow's nature is, his fate is already sealed. Already dressed in her sexiest dressed to outfit. Small, high up, elegant cocktail dress, widow's veil, black shiny pantyhose and high heels on. You lean back on the bed crossing your legs and explain that one of you victims had died getting a last feel of the pantyhose you had on until they fell at your feet getting a last sensual feel of your heels brushing over them on the ground as you walked away from them. You gesture over to the nightstand telling the man that he must also know about the ways you dealt with your victims and tell him that he can experience your kiss as you have developed an antidote for the poison that you would administer to him. You ask him to choose a shade and he responds with a deep crimson red shade. You set up all the while seductively crossing your legs while applying it. Then you offer him to come lay on the bed and move in for the . You straddle over him POV and then lean over to give him the final kiss while telling him "I lied, I have no antidote but it's too late, you are already in my web, you can't resist, and you want it anyways"."

The Final Kiss


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