Futa Call Girl
Miss Kelle Martina - Futa Call Girl

Futa Call Girl

0 – 3 You come in. The outfit is up to you although I do like boots and I would like for your breasts to be out during most of this clip. You introduce yourself and explain that the agency sent you over. You model for just a short time, start taking you clothes off, and then say you are a different kind of call girl. You then pull out your cock (the smallest one you have).
3 – 6 You talk me into playing. You act all innocent and sweet. You will stroke me if I will stroke you. You sit next to me close enough to the camera that your cock isn't in view and pretend to stroke me. Then you tell me to stroke you. You act all innocent but as I stroke you, it feels really good. You start getting dominant and get a more serious look on your face. You say go faster bitch..oops you meant go faster babe. You make me stroke you really well and then decide it's time to suck.
6 – 9 You give me a virtual blow job for a few minutes and then say now come on it's your turn. You slowly put it in my mouth and take it easy but then that same look comes over you and you start taking over again. Suck my cock bitch etc. You move your hips back and forth virtually.
9 – 12 You get on top of me for POV sex. You ride me hard until I cum talking dirty talk the whole time about cumming inside you. Then that same evil dominate look comes over you. Now its your turn. You tell me to spread my legs and you push your lady cock inside me. Again you start slow and sweet but you turn dominate and fuck me harder. As you are fucking me, you notice my dick getting hard again so you reach down and start jerking me. You give me permission to cum if I want to and I do, then you pretend to cum in my ass.
Your futa call girl makes you cum so hard!

Futa Call Girl


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