White Extinction Black Domination
Kaidence King - White Extinction Black Domination

White  Extinction Black Domination

This was originally a custom video but no names were used.
In this video I wear a short blue skirt, black tank top and blue cropped cardigan with black knee high socks. I tell you that I have some news to share with you. Iím pregnant! With a black baby. And now that iíve been bred by a black man, I know that all white women should be bred by black men. White men do not deserve to breed. Black men are superior in every way. Not only does their cock simply feel better, but it makes more evolutionary sense. Black dick is bigger, so it shoots its sperm deeper inside the pussy and gives a greater chance of fertilisation. Evolution has spoken and itís time to breed pathetic white boys like you out. From now on, only black men can fuck white princesses and only black will be born, like the one inside me. I start sensually stripping while telling you this, then I finally take my boobs out. Do you see these boobs? I want you to imagine a n1gger baby suckling on them while you jack off. I know youíre jacking off right now. I know the idea of white extermination turns you on. It turns me on too. But you better get used to it, because jacking off is the only release youíre going to get from now on. My womb has become a weapon to the white race and limp, thin, worthless white dicks wonít be allowed anywhere near it. Good white boys will get painless vasectomies to ensure they donít reproduce, but bad white boys will get castrated. Which are you going to be? Evolution has spoken. White sperm loses, big n1gger cock wins. You can make the process much easier by wasting your seed. And you better get used to it. Prove your inferiority and shoot your worthless sperm into your hand and watch as your white d1e.
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White  Extinction Black Domination


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