Madam Violet - Possession


What is hi pno sis if not possession? Of the mind, the heart, the imagination. What is possession if not ownership? Im going to give the intense feeling of TRUE ownership, and Im going to ensure that you dont forget, WHO owns that soft sweet pink pussy-mind.I hip no tise you in such a way that your eager mind opens up for Me wide with no resistance. Sensually playing with My perfect tits, and of course eye closure technique fractionation, PMR, these terms dont matter to you, as all Im doing is talking, softly and sweetly, and you are ACCEPTING everything. My full red lips, My perfect tits just visible, distracting you, driving you deeper. My beautiful eyes pulling you in, holding there. Teasing your mind even wider for Me, until you are SPLAYED open and begging Me to enter you, begging Me to take possession to take ownership of your mind and your body. Nothing gets you off more than that feeling of being OWNED, of being dominated to the point of complete compliance. No thoughts or questions, only the delicious pleasure of being PENETRATED and possessed. It feels nothing less than perfect as I tell you to stroke your cock softly and slowly, as insert Myself in your mind fully. In My H1p no tic Realm you becum nothing more than Mine.In this moment, I OWN you. In this moment I am deep inside of you, I control your body. I have literal possession of your mind, and I OWN YOU. Telling you exactly how to stroke My cock I demonstrate My CONTROL over you, using trigger words to magnify your PLEASURE again and again I demonstrate My POWER over you. Driving you deeper down and closer to the edge I remind you that wherever ever you and what're you're doing there is an invisible LEASH around you neck that leads to Me. I have stamped My name inside your brain so MANY times that no matter how much you deny it, or how much you pretend, I OWN you, the REAL you the submissive you. So convinced of My ownership of you, I will even let you CUM. It may temporality weaken My hold over you, but you will be back. Again and again, because you need that feeling only I can give. Seduce, disarm, penetrate, possess, OWN. Something so simple really shouldn't feel SO fucking good.



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