Risky Sissy Fag Chastity Blackmail
Princess Kelly Sunshine - Risky Sissy Fag Chastity Blackmail

Risky Sissy Fag Chastity Blackmail

Sometimes you boys make the dumbest decisions. But thatís ok because I have a lot more fun when you do. You get so horny and stupid and when you do, you beg me to blackmail you. So Iím going to get you dressed up really slutty, and have you get down on all fours and fuck that slutty ass for me, while you tell me what a total fucking loser you are. And youíre going to do this for me on cam so I can take pictures and videos. And youíre going to look into the webcam and tell the world your full name, your phone number, your address, details about your wife and job, every little thing that could incriminate you and ruin your life. Could you imagine if I leaked this video? Youíd be totally fucked. But yet the thought of that makes you so hard cause you love playing these risky masturbation games. But know that blackmail is not a game with me, I take it seriously. So if you want to partake, you better be prepared loser. So if you want me to keep those pictures and videos to myself, hereís what youíre going to do, Iím going to even give you a choice. You can lock that dick up in chastity for me for as long as I want. But locking you up would be doing you a favor because your horny cock is what got you into this mess in the first place. I mean we both know you think with your dick and thatís why You come to Me, asking me to blackmail you. You asked for this and now youíre getting exactly what you wanted. And when that cock is locked youíre going to feel so weak and desperate youíll do whatever I want. You are going to feel this intense need to do whatever I say. And thereís only one way you can get unlocked, you are going to suck cock for me. I know youíre a slut and you want your ass and mouth used like the whore that you are. Iím going to turn you into a cock sucking slut. You see you begged the wrong person for blackmail if you didnít expect to get truly fucked over in the process, lol! So from now on, if you want to jerk your cock, the only way youíre going to be allowed, is while thereís another manís cock in your mouth! But as I said, I was going to give you two choices. You donít have to suck cock, you can just stay locked up! LOL!
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Risky Sissy Fag Chastity Blackmail


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