Violet Foxy - Locked Up Cuckold Gets to Watch
Violet Foxy - Locked Up Cuckold Gets to Watch

Violet Foxy - Locked Up Cuckold Gets to Watch

Tonight's your special night!
You live to serve me, love everything about me, and will do anything I say. You clean my house, do my laundry, sniff my panties, and listen to me fuck my lovers through the wall. You wish you could have me but you know you never, ever could. You don't have what it takes to please any woman sexually, your role is to serve me and my lovers and you know it. My boyfriend's cock is amazing and can take me to another world, and tonight, you get to watch him fuck me. What a juicy treat for you, cuck pet! Sit in the corner, be quiet, and enjoy the show.
The moment I see my boyfriend's cock I am beyond turned on. It's amazing the effect a real manís cock can have. Your wiener makes me laugh or cringe. Do you feel the alpha power in his cock? Worship both of us as your chastity cage get tighter. Oh, you thought you were going to get to jerk off? No way. Maybe Iíll let you take it off later this week. Watching in chastity, you are deeply reminded of what you can never have and will never be. I get so naughty with my babe! I suck and gag on his cock then jump on top and ride. His cock feels so amazing in my pussy!
You never get to have sex, you just watch and wish. Fantasizing and wishing is your entire sex life. I get to fuck whoever I want, cum whenever i want, and have all the fun. My boyfriend gets to treat me like a slut; he knows how to please me. He is so smart, sexy and addictive. You are a speck of dust in the wind compared to him, or me. You're so left out, sitting quietly in the corner, with your dick locked up. My boyfriend cums deep in my tight wet pussy. I know what you want, and stand over you, ordering you to open your mouth. I squeeze his load of cum out of my pussy; it drips into your mouth. What an extra special treat for a cum guzzling cuck. Eat every last drop! Did you get it all? Good. My lover and I are going out for drinks or food now, you can stay behind and clean up the mess.
Price: $18.14 USD

Violet Foxy - Locked Up Cuckold Gets to Watch

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