Princess London Lix - Jerk It, Lock It, Eat It - Your New Cycle
Princess London Lix - Jerk It, Lock It, Eat It - Your New Cycle

Princess London Lix - Jerk It, Lock It, Eat It - Your New Cycle

You love jerking off to hot women like me. Do you know how I know? Because you do it every day. Youíre a jerk junkie loser. This is just part of your daily routine. But what does tugging on your cock do for me? Pretty much nothing except that sometimes it makes you so weak you canít help but pay me. So Iíve decided if youíre going to be indulging in this little jerkoff cycle where you get so horny that you canít help but greedily rub that cock of yours, spilling cum everywhere, then youíre going to have to make it a bit more entertaining for me.
Iím going to change your jerkoff cycle into a cycle that is more appropriate for a pathetic jerk junkie like you. It just doesnít seem right that a loser like you should be cumming freely every night. So Iím going to make you feel pathetic, owned, and controlled with each and every load you spill. Your new cycle is to jerk it, eat it, and then lock it. Over and over again. Thatís right, if youíre going to cum, then youíre going to consume it. A reject like you shouldnít be spilling their mess everywhere. No, youíre going to clean it up with your mouth. I donít care if you aim it in your mouth or eat it out of the palm of your hand, this is going to change your jerking habits for the better. Trust me. I know exactly what a little loser jerk junkie like you needs.
You were getting bored of just spunking into a tissue anyway. Whatís this going to do to you? Consuming load after load? Itís going to reinforce how pathetic you are and the power I have over you. I can make you do things you never thought youíd do. You just lose all will power when it comes to hot girls like me. So keep pumping knowing that today is the first day of a long cycle of eating your cum. I hope you learn to love the taste, loser.
But we canít just let you go free after that, even if you do consume it. Thatís not enough of a lesson for you. I donít want you to think that you own your dick. I donít want you thinking you can jerkoff whenever you want. Do you really think you should be able to pump your dick and cum every single day? Itís going to be so much hotter if after youíve swallowed that load, you lock yourself up. Itís not like youíre going to fuck, the only attention that cock is getting is from the palm of your hand so why not lock it up? You love the anticipation, you love thinking about the next time you get to edge, and with this cage on your cock, youíll be thinking about it all the time. Your orgasm is only a small part of this, itís also the tease and denial.
Jerk it, eat it, lock it. Thatís your new cycle. This is your life, this is what you got yourself into by becoming a femdom addict. Youíre a jerk junkie freak this is what you deserve. Iím going to fuck your mind up and get you so addicted to this new cycle. I want you to jerk it, legs in the air, aim it right for your mouth, swallow it, then watch yourself go soft and lock it up.

Added: 2/13/18

Princess London Lix - Jerk It, Lock It, Eat It - Your New Cycle


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