Madam Violet - Are you Worthy?
Madam Violet - Are you Worthy?

Madam Violet - Are you Worthy?

Well are you slave? Worthy to kneel before Me? Looking like THIS?! Of course not! But it is ok, if you listen to Me, if you watch Me and do as I say, I can raise you up into the slave you were always meant to be, the man I know you can be. An obedient, pleasing devoted enslaved male.
Kneel before Me and watch as I show you just how unworthy you are to even place your eyes on Me. The black lace draped over My PERFECT body, My divine ASS so CLOSE to your mouth. I know you wish you were worthy enough to stick your face DEEP in there slave. To lap Me up & breathe Me in. Hmmmm? You want that slave, I know you do.
I am so sweet yet powerfully persuasive before long you are nodding like an eager little puppy, YES! You NEED to be worthy for Me! I allow you to stroke with a wicked smile, EDGE yourself as many times you can and you are ordered to repeat one phrase over and over. Much like a prayer, whispered words of worship. Tattooing it into the depths of your mind, your new mantra, your new truth ‘i am not worthy’. Stroke on your KNEES as you stare up at this PERFECTION, My perfect HARD nipples how you just how much I get off on your total submission, your HUMILITY.
Keep repeating, keep stroking, LOSE yourself in the way I move My body, in the surrender. I count you down into orgasm - you will NOT look at Me as you cum, slave you will avert your eyes from Me as you cum, because you are NOT worthy, not yet anyway….
Contains: Sensual domination, imbedded commands, leading and pacing, hipn0tic suggestion, psychological manipulation, brainwashing, slave training, Goddess worship, ass worship, tit worship, CEI,

Madam Violet - Are you Worthy?


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