Princess Becky - Your going to Swallow for me!
Princess Becky - Your going to Swallow for me!

Princess Becky - Your going to Swallow for me!

I knew you would be back. I have a treat for you today. I know you are not gay and that you want to fuck me and not other guys or anything. To be honest, I donít care though. I donít care what you what. I really enjoy making you watch and think about my boyfriendís cock. Have you ever met my bf? He is so hot, not like you. He is a real man and he fucks me so hard. Nothing you could ever do. So, I donít like swallowing cum to be honest and today he wants to cum in my mouth and Iím not having it. So, I am going to get you to do it for me. You will be that dirty whore and swallow it all down. I want to turn you into a cum eating slut. I want to get you off and you will eat your own cum for me. This will be practice, you can imagine itís my boyfriend. Thatís it jerk that cock for me. I want you to eat it all up for me. Imagine wanking my boyfriendís huge cock. Now shoot that load in your mouth and imagine itís his. Itís going to happen soon.
Price: $14.99 USD
Added: 7/2/17

Princess Becky - Your going to Swallow for me!


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