Natasha's Bedroom - Sissy Maid Interview
Natasha's Bedroom - Sissy Maid Interview

Natasha's Bedroom - Sissy Maid Interview

So, you're applying for the live-in sissy maid position? Are you ready to be the perfect little sissy slut for me? The job is a grueling one; you'll have to be on call 24/7, ready to service me and act as a fluffer party favor at every fuck party I host. If you want to be my sissy housegirl, you'll have to always look like a perfect little bimbo and be ready to service any cock that wants to use your holes.
First, you'll need to show me how pretty you look in your frilly maid uniform and matching thong. Don't forget the lipstick! Your lips will need to be painted and ready to suck huge cocks at all times. And then you'll be stretching out your asshole, that manpussy of yours, with a buttplug while you practice your cocksucking skills. You'd better get that giant dildo nice and lubed up with your sissy spit, because it'll be pushing your tight asshole to its very limits in just a minute.
The perfect sissy housemaid needs to do more than just look pretty and take cock with enthusiasm, she has to be ready to clean up any mess. Cum, piss...whatever bodily fluids are in need to cleanup. You won't be using a mop or broom, of course. A good sissy needs only her tongue. Do you want the job, sissy? Do you want to serve me and all the hot men with huge cocks who fuck me? Then show me what a pretty little cleanup bimbo you can be.

Natasha's Bedroom - Sissy Maid Interview


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