Goddess Maya Liyer - Becoming the Office Fucktoy
Goddess Maya Liyer - Becoming the Office Fucktoy

Goddess Maya Liyer - Becoming the Office Fucktoy

I love the idea of discovering a pathetic male employees dirty, sexual secret and using it against him to turn him into a pathetic slave to satisfy My sadistic whims, Part 2 of a 4 part series...
Inspired by real life events, the dirty little cbt boy on twitter knows who he is. After recently confessing to Me that he loves to sneak off to the toilets at work and perform CBT on himself during his lunch break with a clothes peg ladder, Hot sauce and a condom, all the while fantasizing over one of his female colleagues. I made the little bitch take photos of himself at work doing it the next day and post them on twitter for Me to see.
It didn't end there, he is a regular purchaser of My clips and his humiliation continued after he got home from work, I gave him cum eating instructions again with photos to be included, I wanted to see him eating his cum with his dinner while pleasuring himself over My clips. Of course he obeyed.
The scenario was so hot for Me, as a real time Domme of many years, it isn't always about the high rolling, high profile patrons with endless amounts of cash to give to Me. Sometimes a pathetic creature with an exciting imagination and the good manners and taste to support My visual productions can pique My interest.
I made this series with him in mind, the idea of catching someone like this working at My company MAYACORP, and then holding their dirty little secret over them and turning them into an office slave/whore for the sadistic enjoyment of Myself and the other women in the office was too mouthwatering a prospect to ignore...enjoy...and imagine it was you...
Added: 2/10/19
Price: $16.99 USD

Goddess Maya Liyer - Becoming the Office Fucktoy


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