Janira Wolfe - Personalizing My Red Bottom Shoes
Janira Wolfe - Personalizing My Red Bottom Shoes

Janira Wolfe - Personalizing My Red Bottom Shoes

So, My slave, I see you've finished all your assigned tasks. That's wonderful, because now I need your help with something very important. I've just bought Myself these fabulous new Louboutins, and now I need to decide if I'm going to keep them. First I'll put them on and you'll watch Me walk in them, and get a nice close up look at the deep toe cleavage and arch cleavage...more than I typically show, but I think the intimidating look of the spikes off-sets it. Yes, I think I'll keep them.
Now you know what comes next? The removal of the sticker... and not the removal of your cage, despite the extreme discomfort I can see it's causing you as you watch Me with My bare legs and sexy high heels. Such a divine combination is not one your little dick should be allowed to enjoy...certainly not when I purchased the $1000 shoes Myself.
Anyway, such beautiful shoes do deserve to be worshipped, and since those sexy red soles belong solely to Me, I shall be the only one to worship them...right as I remove the sticker, exposing that bright red sole. I'll continue to make you watch Me as I tease you with My perfect legs and Louboutins, until that cage gets so tight, I can finally get what I need to really personalize these red bottom shoes and make them The Wolfe's. And, yes, My slave, you guessed it; I will be using those sharp spikes on the toe of My Loubies to draw that red substance I need from your swollen balls. Just one swift kick on each foot should do. They just need a little more character, you know?
OK, so, take off your pants, pull up your little dick in your cage and present those balls to help Goddess personalize Her shoes.

Added: 4/8/18
Price: $29.99 USD

Janira Wolfe - Personalizing My Red Bottom Shoes


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