Becky Dee - Accept Your Permanent Chastity
Becky Dee - Accept Your Permanent Chastity

Becky Dee - Accept Your Permanent Chastity

It's time you started to accept that you're going to be locked in chastity forever loser. The fact is I prefer to keep your dick caged away so there's no reason for me to ever set it free. Besides it making you totally submissive and obedient, willing to do ANYTHING I tell you to do, it also gives me so much pleasure seeing your desperate sexual frustration. I love the thought of your endless mindfuck - having your blue balls constantly aching under your tightly encased cock - unable to give yourself any relief. You can't ever get hard, you can't ever jerk off, you can't ever fuck a girl and you can't ever enjoy a proper orgasm. What sort of man allows himself to end up is such a pathetic predicament. Your own cock has been locked away by a hot girl. Locked away by a spiteful, teasing mean girl who's forcing you to remain a virgin for the rest of your pathetic life. You'll have to watch so many other guys getting to fuck me. Real men fucking all my hot girlfriends - everyone gets to fuck except you. No matter how much you beg - you'll never get to experience what a girl actually feels like - or how jerking off feels or how a big powerful orgasm feels. The best you can hope for is a sad little dribble from the end of your cage. It's time you came to terms with the fact you're never going to get that kind of pleasure. Your cock is locked in chastity and that's exactly how it's going to stay. You're going to live the rest of your life in submission and servitude to your superior Alpha Princess, her girlfriends and her real men and that is all the pleasure you deserve!

Becky Dee - Accept Your Permanent Chastity


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