Kaitlin Grey - Beg My Man to Let You Cum
Kaitlin Grey - Beg My Man to Let You Cum

Kaitlin Grey - Beg My Man to Let You Cum

You're never going to get to cum ever again unless you truly humiliate yourself for my entertainment. Your poor cock can stay in that device until you kneel in front of me and my real man and beg him to let you cum again. Sounds soul-crushingly humiliating doesn't it cuckold? Haha - I haven't even begun! You're going to be dressed in your frilly French-maid's uniform - complete with your fluffy ruffle panties, corset, stockings and sissy-heels. You're going to have your girlie wig on your head and big fluttering false eyelashes to look up to my real man through. Can you take this much humiliation sissy? All dressed up like a sissy-girl in front of the muscular stud that's fucking your girlfriend and made to beg him to let you cum. Not just beg - but REALLY TRUELY BEG. Plead with all you heart to be let out of chastity. Beg him to grant you that simple pleasure. Beg him to take pity on you for being an inferior beta cuckold. Haha - I think you should beg him with your prettiest, girliest voice. Call him SIR - Beg SIR to let you cum. Haha! This is going to be so funny. My man is going to laugh at you for being so pathetic, but he'll never let you out of that device unless he believes how desperate you really are. Tears will be rolling down your cheeks, makeup streaming down your shame-red face as you beg another man to let you cum. Will he take pity on you cuckold? Will he take your orgasms away from you as well as your girlfriend? Let's see how hard you can beg cucky!

Kaitlin Grey - Beg My Man to Let You Cum


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