Cruel Girlfriend - Sissygasm or Nogasm
Cruel Girlfriend - Sissygasm or Nogasm

Cruel Girlfriend - Sissygasm or Nogasm

Sissies don't usually get to make choices in life but there's one choice some lucky sissies are allowed to make. You get to decide if you cum or not! It sounds like an easy choice doesn't it missy? Yeah well if you're imagining jerking yourself off to a powerful orgasm while you watch some humili-porn al dressed up in your sissy-maid uniform you've not really understood your predicament. You'll be staying locked up in chastity - like every good sissy should be. You won't be coming out of chastity either - I don't really see the point in letting pansy wimps like you out of their cock-cages. So that leaves you with one choice Sissy-gasm or No-gasm! If you need to cum then you'll cum like a girl - impaled on your favourite dildo until you leak out a pathetic sissy dribble. It's the only way sissies deserve to cum. No touching your locked-up sissy-stick, no stroking like a real man, no fucking hot girls, no warm wet blow jobs for you. Instead you'll crouch over you big pink dildo in your platform stripper heels and you'll lower yourself down onto that thick cock until it's totally penetrating you - just like a real girl. You'll bounce up and down on your cock over and over again, letting that big thick cock fill you up until your poor caged up, frustrated limp-dick can't take any more any you ooze out a weak, sissy-gasm - letting it drool from your chastity device and onto the floor. Pathetic but that's all a sissy wimp like you deserves and it's the only way a caged-up sissy can get to cum. Remember your choice missy - it's Sissygasms or Nogasms for you from now on!

Cruel Girlfriend - Sissygasm or Nogasm


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