Lady Fyre - Only Buy This If You Truly Want To Commit To Chastity For Me
Lady Fyre - Only Buy This If You Truly Want To Commit To Chastity For Me

Lady Fyre - Only Buy This If You Truly Want To Commit To Chastity For Me

Today youíre going to commit to chastity. I know youíve tried before. Youíve said that you wanted to stop jerking off every day like a mindless little jerk zombie and try to show some self control. But you havenít followed through. You want to do it. You want to commit to chastity. You want to commit to locking up that pathetic cock of yours. But itís been so hard, hasnít it? Today is the day youíre finally going to do it.Youíre going to do it because youíre pathetic and you want to please me. And this is the only way that you can please me. I like men who are weak for me, but I donít like weak men who canít make a little commitment to stop jerking their cocks all day. Iíve found that the men who need chastity the most are the ones with the tiny little penises. You little dick losers seem to have the most trouble controlling yourselves.So hereís what youíre gonna do. Youíre gonna jerk off while I talk about putting you in chastity, and that is going to be the last time that you cum until I say. Just a small commitment to show your devotion. I know that you can do this for me. Now we need to find you just the right cage. Iím going to show you a few examples of ones I like and ones that are somewhat comfortable for you. Iím even going to show you how to put it on. I want it to fit perfectly loser. Youíre going to be wearing it for awhile.This commitment that youíre making to lock yourself up in chastity is going to be delicious because every time you get aroused youíre going to be reminded that you canít touch it, youíre going to be reminded of me. Your devotion to me will grow. Your hard cock is going to hurt as it throbs against your cage. But you think this is hot, I can tell because youíre jerking so fast right now. Jerk to your last orgasm loser. Get ready to say goodbye to your cock and to orgasms. You can do it for me. If you canít commit to me, well then youíre totally worthless. I need boys who can commit to pleasing me and you certainly canít please me sexually. So please me by locking it up and refocusing your sexual energy on serving me.

Added: 2/24/18

Lady Fyre - Only Buy This If You Truly Want To Commit To Chastity For Me


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