Goddess Athalia - Case of the Broken Cistern: Covert Premature Ejaculation MP3
Goddess Athalia - Case of the Broken Cistern: Covert Premature Ejaculation MP3

Goddess Athalia - Case of the Broken Cistern: Covert Premature Ejaculation MP3

You wish all women were as understanding as Dr. Rose. She seems to know exactly what it’s like for men who have premature ejaculation. The rush of ecstasy, the inability to hold back in the bedroom or even in public. You were upset when your wife scheduled an appointment with Dr. Rose, but it turns out she’s not like any other urologist you’ve ever been to. She discusses the condition with frankness, openness and…
Sexiness. You’re pretty sure she’s not doing it on purpose, but the more she talks about premature ejaculation, the hotter you get. As she discusses the cases she’s seen, you start getting hard. And her voice is so seductive and smooth that it’s putting you into a trance. A trance you could never hope to escape. As she goes on and on about PE, your subconscious is absorbing it all, and you know that when you leave her office, your PE is going to be the worst it’s ever been. You’ll be lucky if you can make it through the consultation without creaming your pants right in front of her.
This alluring, sexy woman is talking about your favorite fetish and she doesn’t even know it. Or does she? You could almost believe there’s a hint of lust in her eyes as she describes the exquisite pleasures and pains of cumming early. She speaks about it so matter-of-factly and in such excruciating detail that it’s pornographic and your dick can’t help but respond as your vulnerable mind takes in every word.
One thing’s for certain: your wife has no idea that your consultation worked like covert mesmerization and, rather than fixing things, is about to turn her husband’s “little problem” into a mind-numbing, ball-blowing obsession that he won’t be looking to get rid of any time soon.
Length: 15 minutes
Price: $19.19 USD

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