Goddess Madam Violet - Surrender the Night to Me MP3
Goddess Madam Violet - Surrender the Night to Me MP3

Goddess Madam Violet - Surrender the Night to Me  MP3

Bedtime has never felt so good.
Whether you just love to be dominated by a HOT and powerful BEAUTIFUL Woman, or you are a sucker for h1pn0sis you NEED this file. Deep erotic Femdom trance; beginner or pro this file will turn you upside down and inside out…before you SLIP into a deep DREAM filled SUBMISSIVE rest state. PERFECTION.
This file is designed for bedtime. I want you to begin this journey DEEP into My Hyp0ot1c Realm in bed all tucked up safe and warm in the dark. Earphones in, eyes closed.
The file is all about LETTING go and floating on the power of My words. Having NO control and loving every second of it.
Experience the ecstasy of full mental domination, blissful bodily surrender. Nothing for you to do but LET GO and lose yourself in My seductive English accent. My words drop like sweet nectar form My lips, wrapping up the imbedded commands and the neural linguistic programming in such a way you cannot even tell how POWERFUL My words are.
Listen and feel your body and mind separating, you do not know where the bed ends and you begin. Where reality starts and fantasy takes over. The INTENSE deep relaxation is JUST what your stressed out mind needs. Soon that relaxation turns into PLEASURE and it spreads DEEPER into your body. I command you to access your most powerful submissive experiences, instantly putting you into and even more SURRENDERED state of being and mind.
Building the pleasure of submission more and more, feeling it move through your body as My words push you deep than ever before. Right now you are MINE entirely and NOTHING feels as good. When you are DEEP in My Hipn0tic Realm, pulsing with pleasure, I leave you there. Falling into a delicious DEEP rest, you will spend the night in My Realm, dreaming of Me, yearning for Me, SURRENDERING to Me. When you wake up you will remember NOTHING. But nothing will be the same again.
Length: 38 minutes
Price: $39.99 USD

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