Goddess Madam Violet - You are My Trance Bitch MP3
Goddess Madam Violet - You are My Trance Bitch MP3

 Goddess Madam Violet - You are My Trance Bitch  MP3

you just love being my little hipn0-bitch dont you slave. When it comes to Me you lose all self respect, all control, all pride you are singular in your desire, for obedience for OBLIVION, you love nothing more than to kneel at my feet and spread your self, wide, WIDE open for Me to enter you, to consume you, to fuck your mind over and over again.you are so ADDICTED to the feeling that MY trance gives you, there is no other high like it, all that deep relaxationbone melting pleasure, the sweet succumbing, that perfect moment when you realise, you have let go entirely. That you have given yourself to Me fully, profoundly, like a good hipn0-b1tch should. Yes, I know, it is what you live forwhat you are forever waiting for, you are forever chasing the next high like the little trance-slut that you are. We both know that you are MY h1pn0-bitch, you are DESPERATE for Me to FUCK your mind until its red RAWACHING to feel yourself lost in ME, willing to give it all, anything, everything just for one more taste of the h1pn0tic BLISS I bestow upon you.Come slave, and listen as I talk to youenjoy this THOROUGH fuck of your WEAK mind, without any effort you will open up for ME and My words and skill will take you to a very DEEP place. Listen as I reinforce your desire and NEED to be My loyal h1pno-bitch, distracted by the PLEASURE of surrender as I programme your mind, condition your behaviour and responses.it is ONLY Me you craveyou trust Me, you spread yourself open for Meyou beg Me to ENTER youto fuck you again and again with My words, with My superioritybecause YOU are MY little h1pn0-bitch.
Length: 43 minutes
Price: $39.99 USD

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