Goddess Madam Violet - The Sanctum Of Saturation MP3
Goddess Madam Violet - The Sanctum Of Saturation MP3

Goddess Madam Violet - The Sanctum Of Saturation MP3

The fourth instalment of the Ten Stations of Servitude. Are you ready for FULL SATURATION? Here you are taken, deeper than ever before, deep into the recesses of My Realm.... Yes, slave, the time has come for you to enter the Sanctum of Saturation. A Holy, Sacred place of deep relaxation, great power, and BLANK, empty minds. This is where all your slave training will be conducted from now on. It is also the place where you will undergo a deeply pleasurable process in which your mind is primed for maximum Trance Saturation. During this ritualistic process your mind will be emptied and purified, until it is BLANK, perfectly still, beautifully CALM. Then you will SPREAD your mind wide OPEN for Me as I enter your consciousness....once you have reached the point of 100% Saturation I will anchor this physiological state to a specific physical action. Meaning I can take you back to the Sanctum, deep deep down....blank, mindless and so obedient, INSTANTLY and whenever I so choose. Divine, isn't it!
Length: 36 minutes
Price: $35.99 USD

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