Goddess Madam Violet - Obedience MP3
Goddess Madam Violet - Obedience MP3

Goddess Madam Violet - Obedience MP3

Welcome to the first part of The 10 Stations of Servitude. During this process I bestow upon you the gifts and traits necessary to be the perfect slave...I equip you with what is necessary to serve Me, your One True Goddess. You are now entering Stage 1. Obedience. Of course obedience is the most important trait a slave can possess...obedience makes the pet. Obedience is having the strength of character to acquiesce to My demands, however unpalatable they may seem to you....because simply obeying Me feels so good... Obedience is to ignore the call of your vulnerable ego and to listen and obey My words only....soon you will discover that obedience is pleasure....for you and Me...you will learn just how much obedient pets arouse and excite Me.... Listen to this recording and and sink down deep.... obeying Me gives you so much deep pleasure, it gives you fulfillment....obeying Me comes naturally to you....almost as though that's exactly the way things are supposed to be.....listen to this recording and go deep down into an obedient deeply pleasurable trance....this file will make you feel weak for Me, it will make you come over all subby and most likely make your cock hard.... Contains: Binaural beats and tones, echo, layered voice rack, post trance triggers and suggestions, clicks, anchors, tease and denial and a deep, abiding physical and mental pleasure.... This is GENUINE . Do not listen whilst driving - that would just be stupid. In order for "Obedience" to have full effect you must listen to "Initiation" first.... I have also included a 3 minute youtube video, where you can watch My beautiful body mesmerise and seduce....search for me on youtube to listen to a sample of this recording before you buy....not that you need to... do you pet....you're feeling the very strong urge to CLICK buy....after all obedience is pleasure...
Length: 32 minutes
Price: $35.99 USD

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