Mistress Leslie - Findom / Slave files
Mistress Leslie - Findom / Slave files

Mistress Leslie - Findom / Slave files

Brain Off FinDom version

Sometimes it would be easier if you just turned off your brain, if you let Me do the thinking for you. Lucky boy, today during this deep intense trance file I’m going to free you of all thoughts that don’t come from Me. Im going to flip a switch, enter your brain and take over. Enjoy this breath taking brainwashing trance… I know you have been waiting for it, and the great thing is you will remember to forget so that it feels new each time you listen to it. No worries I don’t do anything wicked while you are deep under for Me. Well unless you think being programmed to give Me tributes & gifts, and to understand your place as My FinDom slave.
This file is real hypnosis and mind control/brainwashing and contains these features- confusion induction, conversational/covert hypnosis, amnesia, intelligence draining, ASMR, trigger implantation, brainwaves added, post hypnotic conditioning, arousal triggers, slave training mind control, over dubbing, subliminal messages, NLP, deep relaxation imagery, and so much more. Be aware hypnosis and mind control are real and you are being trained to submit financially to Me, Mistress Leslie.

Brainwash Rinse & Repeat FinDom Version

Wash, rinse, and than repeat. Soon your brain will be very clean, and ready to be styled by Me, your Mistress, into the perfect submissive little brain. They kind of brain that thinks of nothing but spoiling and gifting Mistress. It’s a beautiful thing when you realize that it feels better to give Me tributes and gifts because My pleasure is better than your own, which by the time you listen to this file, repeat your new mantras will be all that you can think of. I ruin any of that fun you thought you could have by yourself jerking your cock. Now its the most fun thinking of Me, and how to obey, and spoil Me.
So lets begin the financial brainwashing… its time! This intense deep brainwashing/mind control trance uses traditional hypnosis techniques, like NLP, and has a conversational style, but I use one word and a finger snap to take you under instantly for a bit of a surprise. Going deep and being triggered, using your arousal against you, training you for My financial gain, using lots of brainwashing elements including but not limited to powerful delta brainwaves, mind control jedi tricks, subliminals, and so much more! Lets clean that dirty brain out right now…

Safe??? Trance

You’re safe with me, safe to lower your guard and open your mind… you’re safe letting me inside your mind. I won’t take advantage of how open your mind is to my control… how I could change anything about you that I wanted to, but I would never manipulate you, I would never take advantage of you while in trance… I would never dream of brainwashing you and implanting a deep trigger word that only works when I use it.. you are safe with Me, Mistress Leslie hahahahaha
During this intense mind control/brainwashing session I drop you into a trance, and hold you there until I’ve opened up your mind and done exactly as I want to. I use classic hypnosis techniques with a conversational style, with lots of confusion tossed in, progressive relaxation, NLP, previous triggers, ASMR, and your own arousal to drop you so deep that the mind control elements such as highly effective brainwaves, major confusion subliminal messaging, and many other secret tricks to slide right into your weak helpless mind and effect real change. No worries though, you will soon forget much of what I’ve done but not the feeling you had, and not the implanted trigger word I can use at any point to make you My mental slave at any time. Don’t worry you are safe with Me… after all I would never take advantage of you while you were in trance for Me… hahahahaha SAFE… yes safe…

Price: $39.99 USD


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