Your Ultimate Bratty Babysitter Fantasy
London Lix - Your Ultimate Bratty Babysitter Fantasy

Your Ultimate Bratty Babysitter Fantasy

Hi, welcome home, your kids are asleep already. But before you pay me, we should talk about something. I borrowed your computer to do my homework and when I turned it on I found your stash of babysitter porn. You fucking perv. Awww are you ashamed? Well it doesn't look like it, I can see you're getting hard you fucking sicko. I'm sure you jerkoff to these videos every night. And I was going to laugh it all off but then I found some photographs of me. Ewww you're so gross. So I decided that if you want me to keep your perverted little secret, it's going to cost you.

So my babysitting rate just went up. I'll bet your wife doesn't know you jerkoff to bratty little babysitters now does she? And I'll bet she doesn't know that you perv all over me and jerkoff to me? And I know you wouldn't want her to know, so it's going to cost you. And I know you can't say no, look at that boner. This is actually turning you on you sick fuck.
Now I'm going to seal the deal and make you mine. Take that cock out and start humping that hand in front of me. I know that's what you want to do. You just love hot little babysitters like me, you can't resist me as I tease you with my perfect, hot young body. You grow more stupid and easier to manipulate. I am your ultimate fantasy so you might as well enjoy it, you're already in deep. Stroke that dick for me you fucking pervert. You're so fucked. I know you'd rather jerk to me than fuck your wife. And you will pay for me to keep quiet. I can see your cock throbbing.
You better stroke fast so you can come before wifey gets home. What would you do if she walked in and found you on your knees jerking your cock in front of me? You'd really be screwed then. Jerk it for my hot young babysitter body. I know you love it. I just can't wait to get my hands on your cash and drain you. This is going to be so much fun for me. I might need to raise my rate even more.
Jerk it faster loser. You're so lucky I'm doing this to you. I know you've fantasized about this so many times. You fucking babysitter perv. You're so desperate, so pathetic and you are so screwed. You idiot. Do you think this was wise, pulling your cock out and stroking it to me? You're just getting yourself in deeper. You're so infatuated with me. You fucking love it when I tease and humiliate you. You cannot resist me, you fucking jerk addict.
You better hurry up and cum before your wife gets home. You're going to keep paying me and jerking for me because you are screwed. I'm going to blackmail you and fuck you over and you're going to love every second of it. This is your ultimate babysitter fantasy. I have you wrapped around my little finger. There's no escape my little jerk puppet.

Your Ultimate Bratty Babysitter Fantasy


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