Goddess Chloe – I Pity You Loser
Goddess Chloe – I Pity You Loser

Goddess Chloe – I Pity You Loser

Don't you wish you could get a girl like me? So sexy and perfect. But you know you can't. And honestly, I feel so bad for you loser. You'll never ever fuck a girl like me. I mean not ever, in your whole life. And that is so sad. It's so pathetic, I actually pity you. Imagine that, a girl like me having pity on a loser like you. Does it turn you on when I tell you you'll never have a girl like me? Does it makes your cock hard, being teased and denied by a perfect brat?
Just look at my Goddess body loser. Look and know that you'll never be able to touch it. I feel so bad for you loser. You'll never get to touch a girl with a body like mine. I know you can't take your eyes off of my naked perfection. I'm divine. You'll never touch such soft, perfect skin. I am your dream girl. You imagine my scent, you obsess over my body, you think about me constantly, yet you'll never have me. You poor thing. It's so sad that you're addicted to a girl on your computer screen who doesn't even know you exist.
You're so pathetic loser. I truly pity you. You're like a sad lost puppy, following me around. Begging, obeying, drooling. But don't mistake my pity for caring, I honestly don't give a fuck about you. I feel sorry for you but that doesn't mean that I'll ever give you anything you want. Never will you have a girl like me, yet you love it, you love that thought, you jerk to that thought. You're jerking right now knowing that you'll never touch this perfect body.
I pity your pathetic little self, a chronic masturbator, a waste of life. You're just a lonely jerkoff loser. Awww poor little loser will never get a girl like me. You poor stupid man. The rest of your life will be spent being manipulated by me. You're just a sorry excuse for a man.
But you love when I tease you and feel sorry for you. It's going to make your cock cum so hard. You love this treatment, this sweet abuse. Face it loser, this is the only thing that brings you pleasure in life.

Goddess Chloe – I Pity You Loser






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