Nikki - Bikini Pool Brat Public Foot Worship
Nikki - Bikini Pool Brat Public Foot Worship

Nikki - Bikini Pool Brat Public Foot Worship

I'm laying here in my sexy bikini by the pool and I see you staring at my feet. Not my amazing sexy body, but my feet! What a fucking freak you are! What the fuck is wrong with you? Well if that's what you like, get down on your knees, in front of everyone at the pool and crawl over to my cute little feet. Show me what you're willing to do for the soles of my feet, loser.

I have such soft, beautiful soles, perfect wrinkles, high arches and cute painted toes. I see you drooling as I move my feet in front of your face. I know how badly you want to lick them. And you're going to prove to me how badly you want them by worshiping them in public for everyone to see! Lick my feet loser! You're my little public foot bitch.

Open your mouth and try and stick my whole foot in! Good boy. Now you're showing some devotion. Suck on my toes now. Make my feet feel good. I don't care who is watching. You're such an idiot. Keep licking. I want my sweaty feet to be completely clean. Work your tongue in between each and every toe. Good boy, that actually feels good.

Now I'm going to rub them all over your face. I have to get your nasty spit off of my feet. You look so stupid with your spit all over your face. Not only am I laughing at you, but I can see and hear everyone else here at the pool laughing at you too. But you know how fucking lucky you are to be worshiping my feet. So I want you to beg for them in front of everyone, beg for more of my feet in your mouth and on your face, lol. Nope, no more for you. Now get the fuck away from me you perv!

Nikki - Bikini Pool Brat Public Foot Worship




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