Raevyn Rose - A Real Man Fucks it, You Can Only Lick it
Raevyn Rose - A Real Man Fucks it, You Can Only Lick it

Raevyn Rose - A Real Man Fucks it, You Can Only Lick it

You spend your days naked at the feet of your Goddess Raevyn, head bowed in proper slave mode, until she snaps her fingers ordering you to look up at her. “You’ve done well serving me, you’ve been my best slave yet, locked in chastity for weeks, sleeping at night in a cold cage, I could have given you clothes or a blanket but wanted to see you suffer, harsh discipline including cropping and paddling, kicking you in the nuts, and as you have passed your test, I’ve decided to let you worship my pussy and my ass.” She then hikes up her dress to reveal her pussy and sexy V shaped landing patch. “That’s right bitch you are actually going to get to taste my pussy.” She touches herself then licks the fingers to titillate you before telling you to crawl between her legs to smell her.
Her pussy looks so divine, what a lucky slave being allowed to sniff her and then lick her. “Put your tongue between the lips, right where my boyfriend fucks me” she tells you. She parts her lips and tells you this will be the biggest reward you will ever get and even if she never allows it again you will always have the memories which alone should motivate you to continue to work hard and suffer for her. “A real man sticks his cock in there and you only get to lick it” she says. As she directs you how to lick it she tells you that she hopes by closing her eyes she can imagine it’s a big strong man, with a hairy chest and big hard cock that is actually there pleasing her. “When I open my eyes it’s just you… disgusting” she says with disdain. She stands up and now gives you a view of her amazing ass. She spreads her cheeks and tells you to get your tongue deep inside her hole. “You will suffer and work for me and always remember this special time” she tells you, “even when you’re lying in your cage alone and cold, with bruised balls, a shredded ass, and nipple clamps on.” She sits back down and dismisses you back to your cage with a snap of her fingers.

Raevyn Rose - A Real Man Fucks it, You Can Only Lick it


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